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Did Audrey Hepburn have plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery Rumors, Did Audrey have any plastic Surgery?

No, never. When she was interviewed on The Phil Donahue show (1990) he asked Audrey if she ever had cosmetic surgery and she said no. I understand what you mean, though. Frankly, to me, she just looks very young. In the photographs from 1946 she was only 17. It was right after the war and Audrey admitted to gaining weight from overindulging in bread and chocolate after spending the war surviving on tulip bulbs and grass. Also, in those photos she doesn't have her iconic eyebrows or chic, short haircut. Her makeup is minimal and her face is a little fuller. She reminds me a lot of her mother in those photographs. You can tell she never had surgery as she had obvious wrinkles and signs of ageing plus all of her facial features remained the same (in terms of shape and position eg no nose job or eye lift etc).

Maturing Hepburn

Possible surgical procedures of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey looked absolutely beautiful even at an advanced age. I thought she was glowing in the overlooked movie "Always," which to my knowledge was her last big role. Could she have had a mini-facelift to tighten up her neckline, and some eyelid lifts to keep her from looking worn out and tired? Quite possibly. Either way, she always looked fantastic and carried herself with a grace that is rarely seen today. She is an example for all the aging actresses that it is possible to grow older and remain naturally beautiful (source wesite). Though the plastic surgery procedures were not common in those days, yet it is said that she had a mini facelift or an eyelid surgery before her death. She was loosening skin on her face, so she underwent a mini facelift through which she tightened the skin on her face. Same was the purpose of eyelid surgery as well. Through that eyelid surgery, she removed the sagging skin on her eyebrows and tightened the area around her eyes, which also removed her crow's feet as well.

Did Audrey believe in her Natural Beauty?

Audrey Hepburn's youngest son "Luca Dotti" reveladed that his mother "Audrey Hepburn" never accepted herself as a beautiful woman. According to Dotti his mom believed she had a large nose and feet. She wasn't happy either with her figure, she thought she was too thin and that she had no breasts at all. She would look in the mirror and wonder why people judged her as a beauty.

When it came to aging, Hepburn, who died age 63 in 1993, 'was always a little bit surprised by the efforts women made to look young,' Mr Dotti recalled. She felt always with surprise why other aging women took such big efforts to strain for a younger looking appearance, like fighting at almost any cost against the sings of age and time. For Audrey aging was part of becoming a mature person, and she saw the beauty in the fact that her skin, hands and figure were witness and proof of her life.

Why was Audrey so Skinny?

In one of her unofficial biographies it is known that she was obsessed with maintaining her weight (48 Kg). For some specialists (doctors, cosmetic surgeons, psychologists, and nutritionists) her weight she maintained was below the recommended one for a woman her age and size. One of those, for many fans considered as controversial, biography - Audrey Hepburn's Anorexia - narrates her issues and obsession with her weight. Her risky low weight during her later years contrasted with her chubby appearance in her childhood. As a child, she loved chocolate so much that her mom had to hide away the Belgian chocolate bars from little cheeky Audrey. The later impact of the war period during her growing years had a psychological impact that lead to physical consequences. During the war, Audrey had to survive with shortened rations of scarce food. Audrey had nothing more to eat than lettuce, a weekly potato, and sometimes she had only tulips and water during whole day. This forced diet - is wat later defined her marked and thin appearance.

Audrey and Anorexia

What did Audrey eat?

During a personal interview, one of her sons revealed the basics of Audrey's regular diet.

  • 2 eggs (boiled or poached)
  • 1 slice of wholegrain rye bread
  • Cottage Cheese
  • 1 fruit (apple, wild berries or cranberries)
  • 18 once of fat & sugar free Greek yogurt
  • 1 small square of a sugar free chocolate bar
  • 150 grams of Chicken breast
  • Steamed vegetables

The key was that she was probably able to limit the need for snacking as all her meals are rich in protein (eggs, cheese/yogurt, meat) plus nutrients from the fruits and/or vegetables.

How would a Fat Audrey Hepburn look like?

Concept artist "Magic Man22" has created a gallery of how thin celebrities would look like if they gained weight. Under the thin to chubby photoshopped celebrity edits - is a particular retouched picture of a Fat Audrey Hepburn. The artist made her look like she had gained over 100 pounds. Audrey looks like she had the inverse of a liposuction - a fat injection. It is like the artist had extracted the fat of several fat celebrities and injected it back to the poor skinny body of Audrey. She has fat injected all in her cheeks, chin and jaw. Although the picture shows Audrey's face and figure at shoulder level, the edit makes it obvious that Audrey has also gained weight on her breasts. You can see the inflated appearance of her sweater.

fat audrey hepburn